TRX Circuit Workout

If you know me then you know that I am in love with… my husband, my dog and my TRX.

In that order too.

Or at least until I can teach the TRX how to vacuum 🙂  Hehe, just joking.

However, that would be super cool if my TRX could vacuum. Just saying if the makers of TRX are reading.

Anyways, the reason I love the TRX so much is that it makes your body do all the stabilizing. This, in turn, makes more muscles work.

And more muscles working makes me VERY happy.

TRX’s motto is “Make your body the machine”, and that’s just what this workout does.

For 50-minutes we power through 15 exercises, for three rounds.

It is sweaty, awesome fun!

TRX Circuit Workout

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The Workout