20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout

Toning Cardio Workout for Home

My 20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout for Home is perfect for on vacation, as well as any time you are travelling and don’t have any access to equipment.

I added a lot of core moves into this one too, so if you are desiring stronger abs this is a great toning cardio workout for you.

The sad news is I am all by myself for this workout. Loving husband was not feeling well so I did not have the heart to drag him along. I must admit, though, I missed him.

20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout

What exactly is a “toning cardio workout”, you might be wondering?

Well, basically it’s a workout where we are going to build some strength as well as build your heart and lungs. I have used a lot of body weight moves that will challenge the muscles enough to stimulate some growth (good news!) and at a pace that will keep the heart rate up.

You’re gonna love it!

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20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout


Burn more fat by doing this workout first thing in the morning, before you eat.

By performing cardio in a "fasted" state research is now indicating that we will hit our fat stores faster. You see instead of using the carbs from our food to help motor us through our cardio, we will use our pesky fat stores instead.

I, myself, have been testing this theory and have seen positive results with it. Give it a try with this workout.

20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout

20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout

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