Sweaty Mess Workout

50-Minute Sweaty Mess Workout

Sweaty mess. Yup, that’s what you’re gonna be after this workout. But, I know, you love that kinda of sh*t! I mean, we exercise to see improvement, don’t we? To see improvement to our fitness, our health and sometimes even our waistline. I have never had anyone hire me to get them to workout so they could…

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Muscle Confusion Workout

A couple of weeks ago my computer’s hard drive fried on me – right in the middle of formatting this video. I cried. It was sad to see my old friend Mac give it’s breath, and take my work with it. However, my BFF did not let me down. When I got a new hard drive…

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Total Body Kettlebell Workout

A total body, kill your core, kind of workout. And… if you don’t own a kettle bell, no worries! Simply use 1 heavier dumbbell (like a 12lb or 15lb) and Bob’s your uncle (actually he, really). Total Body Kettlebell Workout Click here if the video does not appear for you.   WAIT, BEFORE YOU GO…

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30-Minute Home Cardio Workout

It’s just a few more days before Santa comes and you know what will guarantee a visit from the big guy? This workout! Yup, honest truth. You do this workout and you will hit his “Nice” list ASAP. Trainer’s promise. Need some other ideas to keep you active this holiday season? How about my: Banish the Fat…

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Upper Body & Ab Workout for Women

This Upper Body and Ab Workout for Women will tone ya, strengthen ya and make ya all happy and sweaty. Trainer’s promise. 1) Offset hands push up 2) 2 arm row 3) Bicycles 4) Chest fly + crunch 5) Kneeling reverse flys 6) Spiderman mountain clmber 7) Tricep presses 8) Pullover with leg drop 9)…

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