Bodyweight Beginner Tabata

Tabatas are a great way to get your fitness level up AND your fitness in when you’re tight on time. You see the whole idea around a Tabata workout is you increase the intensity to decrease the exercise time. The end result = a fitter you 🙂 This particular Tabata workout is perfect for beginners. It uses…

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35-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Today’s workout is the PERFECT workout to do if you are: Travelling and have no access to equipment In need of a cardio workout Looking to strengthen the legs (especially the glutes) Wanting a good core workout Feeling down and need a smile on your face This workout only uses your bodyweight and is suitable…

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TRX Tabata Workout Part 2

I love a good TRX workout, and since I have almost 42,000 views on my TRX Tabata Part One I am guessing so do a few other people. This Tabata is unique because you do not need to lengthen or shorten the TRX. We keep it at one length for the entire workout and cycle…

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