Upper Body + Abs Ladder Workout

Okay, I am gonna be honest with ya. My abs were sore for days after this workout. It was awesome! I love it when my abs are sore, don’t you? (Hate it when my tush and calves are sore though.) Now, the one thing I know that made those abs of mine work double time was…

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Tabata + Upper Body Workout for Women

This was supposed to be a 10-minute ab workout. But, when it came time to film I thought “I really need some cardio and an upper body workout. Not abs!”. And, with that the plan changed. How about you? Have you ever felt the need for a short little cardio workout, followed by a make-your-arms-feel-like-noodles…

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10-Minute Upper Body Burn

If you don’t think you can get a great workout in 10-minutes allow me to show you that you can. In this short, but super effective, upper body workout we start with push-ups as a warm-up and then quickly progress from there. We hit everything in the upper body – with a little bit more…

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Upper Body & Abs Workout for Women (Part 2)

When I set out to film workout videos I look at three things: has anyone requested certain workouts, what workouts are lacking on the channel and what are my most popular and viewed workouts. Hence today’s workout Upper Body and Abs Workout for Women – Part 2 (but, really guys can do this too). Part…

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Tank Top Arms Workout

You can use this workout to get ready for a tank top, or ready for a LBD. It’s a 365 workout, that will soon become a staple to your weekly workouts. Tank Top Arms Workout Click here if the video does not appear for you.   WAIT, BEFORE YOU GO Want a full month’s workout…

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