The Beginner’s Guide to Strength Training

There are many different goals that people tell me they want their fitness programs to achieve. However, the one goal that is most often cited is increased muscle tone and strength. And, as a strength training coach and trainer I love to hear that, especially from my over-40 crowd. After the age of 40 our strength…

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Over 40: 4 Tips On What To Do In The Gym

So, you’re in your 40’s or 50’s. Congrats, God willing you have reached the midway point of your life. But, now that you are here does that mean that you need to start training your age, start training with precautions and restrictions because you might break? First a Funny Story My loving husband, who is…

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How To Age – The Best That You Can

The moment we leave the womb we start aging, and if we play our cards right (and if luck is on our side) we will continue that aging process for a long time thereafter. However, as we get older, what we really want to do is age well. We want to age well so that…

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