Low Impact Total Body Strength

A total body, low impact workout for all levels of fitness. I hate filming workouts on my own. It’s more fun when loving husband is with me. But, alas he cannot make it when I film during the weekday (he’s got this thing called a real job he tells me). So, for this workout I…

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20-Minute No Jump Cardio Workout

A 20-minute cardio workout you can do in your living room – with absolutely no jumping!  “You look like a spaz!”. Was the first thing to leave my lips when I turned around and saw how loving husband was interpreting my squat and hamstring curl combo. I wasn’t being mean. It was just the honest truth.…

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20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout

Toning Cardio Workout for Home

My 20-Minute Toning Cardio Workout for Home is perfect for on vacation, as well as any time you are travelling and don’t have any access to equipment. I added a lot of core moves into this one too, so if you are desiring stronger abs this is a great toning cardio workout for you. The…

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April Free Workout Plan

A FREE one-month workout plan for you! Click below and enter your name and email and I will email you a full workout plan. My Free Workout Plan: Uses my YouTube workouts Can be performed at home Are programmed so that you do the right workouts, on the right days for the best results And the…

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35-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Today’s workout is the PERFECT workout to do if you are: Travelling and have no access to equipment In need of a cardio workout Looking to strengthen the legs (especially the glutes) Wanting a good core workout Feeling down and need a smile on your face This workout only uses your bodyweight and is suitable…

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