May Free Workout Plan

A FREE one-month workout plan for you! Click below and enter your name and email and I will email you a full workout plan. My Free Workout Plan: Uses my YouTube workouts Can be performed at home Are programmed so that you do the right workouts, on the right days, for the best results And the…

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40-Min Home Cardio HIIT Workout

This is an workout I did as a Go Fit Gal. It is so good I had to put it up, and it’s kinda a homage to GFG as well. This is a high-impact workout, however, each impact move can be toned down to a low impact version. Example: turn the jump lunges into alternating…

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Upper Body & Ab Workout for Women

This Upper Body and Ab Workout for Women will tone ya, strengthen ya and make ya all happy and sweaty. Trainer’s promise. 1) Offset hands push up 2) 2 arm row 3) Bicycles 4) Chest fly + crunch 5) Kneeling reverse flys 6) Spiderman mountain clmber 7) Tricep presses 8) Pullover with leg drop 9)…

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A Trainer’s Weekly Menu – Week 8

Well, it has arrived. The start of my two-week vegan food diet. I am starting a vegan food diet today to see if my skin and energy levels improve. Loving husband has called today ARMAGEDDON, and he personally asked me to bold the word and capitalize it (he will not be participating). This Is Not a Cleanse or a Detox My two-week vegan food…

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Gladiator Workout

40-Minute Total Body Killer Workout

AKA: The Gladiator Workout There are some workouts you just love to do… and this is one of them. Not only do I love to do this workout, I also love to teach it. Why is it so damn good? It works on building your lean muscle – so you become a better fat burning machine…

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