Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep

Month 3 of my bikini competition prep is almost to an end. In fact, this whole journey is almost coming to an end. In nine days I will put my hard work to the test when I strut my very pretty and bejewelled (yet ridiculously skimpy in the derriere) bikini on stage. Am I ready? I think…

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Month 2 Bikini Competition Prep

It is now five weeks and two days before the competition. Wow! So close, yet also so far from a chocolate chip cookie and a day off from cardio! I started this journey on January 30th with the end goal of competing in my first figure competition. Read Pre-Competition here. Read Month 1 here. I will…

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Month 1 Bikini Competition Prep

I have almost completed my first full month of bikini competition prep. And, wow (surprise, surprise) it’s not easy. I am already really tired and my body feels a bit beat up. But, I think it’s because I go away next week so I have been pushing myself really hard these past four weeks to prepare…

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