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Circuit Workout + Booty & Ab Drills

This workout is long, but it can be broken down into three different workouts if you can’t do the whole thing with me. You can join me for the Circuit Workout at the beginning, or for the Booty Workout after that, or perform the ab routine I have at the end. Do the entire workout,…

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15-Minute Booty Lift Workout

OMG, this workout was kind of a disaster. From a sore mouth (from dental surgery the week before), to feeling like I’m talking like I have a mouthful of marbles in my mouth throughout the whole workout, to the mic falling off the camera during filming, to my hard drive getting what Apple said is…

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No Equipment Lower Body Workout - Fitness with PJ

No Equipment Lower Body Strength

I’m gonna start this blog off with two words… “I’m sorry”. I’m sorry for the sore tush you are gonna have during, and after, this workout. I’m sorry for the sweat and discomfort I will cause you. And, I’m sorry for any swear words I may drop during the workout. However, with that said I…

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Butt lift workout

25-Minute Butt Lift Workout

A short, yet sweet, glute, hips and thighs workout.  Your butt. It’s an area us trainer’s like to see you work because a strong posterior equals a powerful core, a stable low back and knees that should be tracking where they should be (as opposed to that knock-kneed squat pattern that makes me cringe when…

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Sexy Thighs Leg Workout

This leg workout is the BOMB! I thought, when we started, it would take 40-45 minutes tops… oops, 55 minutes later we were done. Poor loving husband was done in more ways than one too. This is the perfect leg workout for anyone looking for: A kick a** leg workout Stronger legs Toned looking thighs…

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