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Best Ab Workout

10 Best Ab Exercises Workout In today’s workout video I lead you through my favourite, and best, ab exercises. This full ab workout will train every muscle in your core. Trainer’s promise. Try these workouts: Now, since we have more muscles in your body than just your abs, perhaps you might want to give one…

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Upper Body & Abs Workout for Women (Part 2)

When I set out to film workout videos I look at three things: has anyone requested certain workouts, what workouts are lacking on the channel and what are my most popular and viewed workouts. Hence today’s workout Upper Body and Abs Workout for Women – Part 2 (but, really guys can do this too). Part…

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Chest, Tri & Ab Workout

For women (kinda) Poor loving husband. He got dragged into another workout with me, and this time one that I am featuring as a “for women workout”. However, to be honest any gender can do this. It’s just that 90% of my audience are women, so I tend to cater to the masses. This upper body…

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15-Minute Ab Workout

This was one of the funniest videos to film with loving husband. In this particular workout we have a lovely debate about what words you can and cannot say on YouTube. You would think, after being married to me for 21 years, he would remember that I suffer from severe verbal diarrhea. Words just come out and the…

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Arms, Abs and Shoulder Workout

This is the prefect workout to do if: You want to hit all the smaller muscles of your upper body You want to improve your push up You love to train abs, no matter what You desire some sexy muscle tone to your arms and shoulders You want to give your legs a break My…

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