All Levels Strength HIIT

While writing this blog I had my two trusty companions right beside me.

Bella and my afternoon kombucha.

Poor Bella hasn’t been feeling good this week though. She’s hasn’t been able to keep her food down.

Which is not like her.

She has thrown up pretty much everywhere. Living room, dining room, bedroom and my slipper (true story).

She’s even christened the new Studio.

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This morning, while teaching my early morning class, she walked into the middle of the gym during our warm-up, threw up and then walked out.

Alrighty then. Now there’s a GREAT way to start a class.

Thankfully my crew have a fab sense of humour and it was all giggles and laughs.

However, poor Bell’s is not feeling her normal self.

Here’s hoping that a couple of days of special food from the vet will have her back to her old non-throwing-up self.


Strength HIIT – all levels

Click here if the video does not appear for you.

The deets:

Tools needed: A pair of heavy and light dumbbells

Workout best for: home or gym

Level: beginner – advanced