Stop Stress From Robbing You of a Healthy Life

I had the chance to interview an amazing woman, Vicki Higgins business transformational coach about stress and how we can decrease our stress and start living a healthy and successful life – without killing ourselves.

She covered a ton of awesome and informative information, and any woman who is in business needs to listen to listen.

It was a fantastic Blab, and if you missed it, don’t worry. I have the playback link below for you.

About Vicki Higgins

Vicki Higgins

Vicki came to life coaching after spending more than 20 years as a leader in the corporate world. As a former business executive, she served as the Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Newport Beach & Company, where she was responsible for marketing at offices in the U.S., U.K., China, and Australia.

She is a Certified Destination Management Executive – a certification held by fewer than 500 people in the world. Vicki received the Award of Excellence from the Mayor of Los Angeles during her time at Los Angeles Tourism. At ATA Airlines, she negotiated major sponsorship deals with the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, music events, and cultural events.

Vicki started her career and spent a decade with the Indiana Pacers NBA Basketball Team. When she left Newport Beach and Company, she parlayed her experience into creating an executive development consulting firm.

Vicki teaches courses and workshops on work-life balance, she is a keynote speaker, and has appeared on news, tv, and radio shows and contributes to top online blogs.

In 2103, she became a published author in the book, No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance.

Questions we covered:

1. Why is it that “work isn’t working and we experience so much stress…”

2. What is stress? 

3. How does stress affect the body? 

4. I have a successful career, but feel like something is missing…am I nuts?

5. Have you noticed that you get pulled in so many directions…it’s hard to remain focused…how can I handle that?

6. I have NO time…how can I create more balance? 

7. What causes stress?

8. How can I detect the symptoms of stress…before it’s too late? 

9. I’ve heard there is an upside of stress…is that true? 

10. How can I take back control of my time…and my life?

11. How can I re-define success for my own life?

12. How can I create more work/life balance?

13. I’m a life coach, how can I use your tools to help grow my practice? 

14. What are the benefits of using a coach, can’t I just do this on my own? 

Click play and learn how you can stop stress from robbing your life!


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