Over 40 Fitness: Fitness Motivation Blab

I am so excited to share with you my very first Blab.

Every Monday at 11am (PST) I will be broadcasting a new online social chat room called “Over 40 Fitness: Motivation Monday“.
To listen all you have to do is log onto www.blab.im and use your Twitter account to sign in. That’s it. Easy-peasy.

Not familiar with Blab? Well, it’s like a podcast, webinar, Google Hangout all rolled into one. It’s super cool. Lots of great info and tips from pros around world and YOU have the opportunity to sit in and ask them any question that you want.

Every Monday at 11am Over 40 Fitness: Motivation Monday

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My First Blab

Well, for my very first Blab I think it went pretty good, aside from the one very awkward moment when I let some dude from Morocco in (next time, locked room all the way).

I had the always entertaining Steve Dotto from Dotto Tech help host the show with me, and we had some great questions from the group as I chatted about my best 12 techniques on to keep yourself motivated with your fitness plan.

Click on the audio player below to listen.


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