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Flash Sale 2018

Flash Sale 2018

If you have been waiting for a sign to start getting fit... this is it. 


For 3 days only we are discounting our memberships,
however we have only released a limited number.


Once they are gone... that's it babycakes. So, don't delay! Grab yours now!


"I love The Studio! You and your staff are such a wealth of knowledge, positivity, it makes each session such a pleasure to be part of.
You guys are awesome!" - Karen


Please note:

This is a one-time discount, with no refunds.

All memberships paid in full.


I'm an active member now, what happens when I buy a new membership on sale? +

First off, thanks for being so damn awesome and for working out with us!

Your sale membership would kick in AFTER the term is completed with your current membership. We would adjust the start date to your new pass to begin on the day after your old membership.

I don't want to purchase online, can I come in and buy? +

You betcha babycakes! Simply click on the "email us" link in each membership column and we will get right back to you to arrange a meet time at The Studio. PJ will also be in-house on Saturday, July 21 from 10am-4pm.

I'm a new member, what steps do I need to take to purchase a membership online? +

It's super easy! Simply click on the link "click here" in each membership to be taken to the check-out for that particular membership.

Once there click the on the Checkout button, complete the New Customer form, and enter in your Visa or MasterCard info. (Don't worry! Our site is extremely secure!)

Our classes are awesome.
Our instructors kick ass.
Our community is boss.

PJ Wren

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