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  • 2 week unlimited class pass ($95)
  • 1-on-1 coaching session with our trainer ($40)
  • 14 day nutrition plan to get you back-on-track ($39)



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Our Monthly Memberships

Sweat Lover
  • Four (4) classes every 30-days
  • Perfect if you want to sweat with us once a week
  • Auto renews each month
  • 6-month contract
Sweat Fiend
  • Eight (8) classes every 30 days
  • Perfect if you want to sweat with us twice a week
  • Auto renews each month
  • 6-month contract

How to purchase

Click here, log in and away you go.

New clients: if you don't have a profile with us click on the link above and then on "Don't Have An Account? Sign Up", and follow the sytem prompts to create an account.


How do I purchase a membership? +

First off, awesome! You are gonna love being a part of our fitness family.

You can purchase a membership:

On our app: download for Android, or iPhone

On our website: scroll up... cause you are totally on the right page!

At The Studio: before your class (we ask you arrive 10-min early if you are purchasing in-house. Thanks!)

How do I book a class? +

You can book a class by standing in front of your computer and yelling "I would like to book a class".

Alternatively, if that does not work we suggest booking on our schedule, or on our awesome app.

Can I put my membership on hold? +

The only memberships we are able to adjust are the Monthly Unlimited Memberships (our Sweat Fiends).

If you are going away for 14 days or longer simply let us know via email 30-days beforehand and we decrease your monlthy account $109 (plus GST) for the month you are away. We are able to do this one time during your contract.

As for freezes, we do not freeze memberships unless there is a medical emergency.

Cancelling classes, late fees and what's the difference between a cancel and a no-show? +

We have a strict 6-hour cancellation policy. This means you must cancel 7+ hours before your scheduled to avoid a late cancel charge.

To cancel your class log onto your Account (on the website or the app) and click on "My Schedule" and click "Cancel" beside the class you want to cancel.

At this time our system does not support deleting a Re-Occurring Series. If you booked multiple classes, and would like to cancel all of them, you will have to go in and cancel each one individually.

Please note: we do not accept cancellations via phone, text or email cancelations. Only online.

Late cancel: this is where you cancelled yourself out of the class online, however it was during that 6 hour window before the class started.

No show: you didn't cancel your class and you didn't show up 🙁

Cancellation Fees:

6 & 10-class pass holders: you will be billed 1 class for late cancellations and for no-shows

All other memberships: you will be billed $8 for late cancellations and $25 for no-shows (a no-show is when you don't cancel your class and you don't show up.


You can also use your points to cover a late cancel.

Redeem your points on the app, or on dashboard on the website. It's 325 points for a late cancel - sorry there are no points redemption for no-shows.

What happens if I don't use all my sessions in the 30-days (for the 4 & 8 classes every month)? +

There are no session carry-overs. So, you will lose that session babycakes.

Our suggestion is to come to classes more frequently if you know you won't be around for the full 30-days.

When does my membership begin? At time of purchase, or at my first class? +

6 & 10 Class Passes: on your first visit

4 & 8 Classes Every Month: on your first visit, and your auto-pay will come off of your credit card 1 month after your first visit.

Unlimited Monthly members: on date of purchase, and your auto-pay will come off of your credit card on that anniversary date each month.


How do I download your app? +

You download our app by rubbing your belly and tapping the top of your head at the same.

If that does not work click here for Android phones, and click here for iPhone.

What's the meaning of life? +

All evidence to date points to chocolate.

If we weren't meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge? +

Hmmm... that's a good one. We'll get back to ya about that one.

What's the key to a happy relationship? +

Respect, compromise, separate bank accounts and alcohol.

Our classes are awesome.
Our instructors kick ass.
Our community is boss.

PJ Wren

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