15-Min Lower Body Foam Roller Workout

This 15-minute foam roller workout is the perfect video to join in on if you have tight thighs, calves or hips. It is also a go-to if you wear high heels, are a runner, or do a lot of jumping movements (like plyometrics) in your regular workout routine.

And…. I also recommend it for people who walk a lot (cause your legs, especially your calves, are gonna be tight), and for anyone who sits a lot (ie. desk job!).

So, this routine is kinda perfect for everyone 🙂

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Benefits to Foam Rolling

1. Improved flexibility and increased joint range of motion

2. Better circulation

3. Stress reduction

4. Reduce exercise-related soreness

5. Prevents injury


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15-Minute Lower Body Foam Roller Routine

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