Low Impact Total Body Strength

A total body, low impact workout for all levels of fitness.

I hate filming workouts on my own. It’s more fun when loving husband is with me. But, alas he cannot make it when I film during the weekday (he’s got this thing called a real job he tells me).

So, for this workout I thought I would bring Bella along with me. To keep me company.

Bell’s is my four-legged best bud.

She’s cute as a button, spoiled rotten and is a very good dog… with the exception of this workout.

She barked and barked and barked.

So, my apologizes right off the bat. This is not the most professional workout I have shoot.

But, in my defence you do get what you pay for. Hehehe.bella-looking-up-ubc

I work hard so my dog can have a better life. #Truth Click To Tweet

The deets

Tools needed: You will need 1 heavy dumbbell, 1 moderate and a pair of light.

Where to do: This workout is great for home or the gym.

Best for: Suitable for beginners to advanced

Sore knees?: Sub the reverse core lunges with single leg bridges, or side leg lifts



Low Impact Total Body Workout

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The Workout