Low Impact Lower Body and Core Workout

It is way more fun to workout with a friend. Don’t you agree?

Yeah, most of us tend to workout alone (due to schedules, busy lives etc). But… when we can workout with a buddy it just makes the workout that much better.

We’ve got someone to sweat with, laugh with, commiserate with.

Someone who can take our mind’s off what we are doing.


And, today’s workout I have myself a workout buddy.

My co-pilot for today’s workout is Steve Dotto (www.dottotech.com).

Steve’s a good friend of mine, a member of The Studio, and one of my mentors who helps direct me, and my business, in the right direction.

I had fun filming this workout (more than Steve I think), and I hope you have fun too!

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Low Impact Lower Body and Core Workout

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