Loyalty Rewards Program

We reward you for working out!

Loyalty Rewards Program

We reward YOU to workout.

We believe you should be rewarded for sweating with us.

There's a lot of great fitness centres in the area, and well, you choose us to help you get fit and we are honoured.

So honoured, in fact, that we want to give you FREE stuff for your loyalty, and as a token of our appreciation.

What to do.

1. Create an account at www.perkville.com, or by clicking the "Get Started" button below.

2. Make sure to use the same email and password you used to sign up with on our website and app. (PS: You'll earn 100 points just for joining too!)

3. You'll receive an email to confirm your opt-in.

4. Once that's complete you'll start earning points that you can use for free stuff.

5. Perform a fist pump - cause who doesn't like free stuff.

Earn points. Get free stuff.

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What you can get.

  • The Studio tank or tee
  • The Studio baseball hat
  • The Studio water bottle
  • Book your favourite spot in the Studio
  • Use your points to cover a late charge
  • Vega Nutritional Gift Pak
  • Arbonne Hydration or Energy Sticks
  • 1-month of free unlimited classes
  • Sharisse Dalby, Registered Nutritional Counsellor, gift certificate
  • The Handy Husband gift certificate
  • A Studio mug
  • Train your trainer of choice + wine and truffles
  • Private class for you and 10 friends + champagne

Get free stuff for working out!.

The Studio

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