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Circuit Workout + Booty & Ab Drills

This workout is long, but it can be broken down into three different workouts if you can’t do the whole thing with me.

You can join me for the Circuit Workout at the beginning, or for the Booty Workout after that, or perform the ab routine I have at the end.

Do the entire workout, or chose what you want to focus on for your workout.

I like options, don’t you?

– 30-min cardio & strength workout (1:15 – 29:40 mark on the video)
– 15-min Booty Lift workout (30:35 – 45:30)
– 10-min Ab Drill workout (45:45 – 47:00)

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Circuit Workout + Booty & Ab Drills

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Tools Needed

Pair of:

Light (3lb-5lb)

Moderate (8lb-12lb)

Heavy (15lb-25lb)

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