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Tough love workouts for all levels of fitness.

Total Body Calorie Torching Workout

This workout I’m solo. No loving husband. No funny banter back and forth. Being solo was my choice, too. And a purely selfish choice at that. You see I did not want to listen to 40-minutes of moaning and groaning. I love the man, but for for the love of Pete can he complain. He also WAS…

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15-Minute Hip Stretch Workout

If you suffer with tight hips, low back pain, poor mobility, stiff knees and/or you run this workout was made for you. In under 15-minutes I lead you through not only a full stretch routine for the hips, but a hip mobility workout too. You see you need to address both your flexibility and your mobility,…

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Cardio and Upper Body Workout

This workout is a: 20-minute low impact cardio workout 20-minute upper body and abs workout 43 minutes of fitness fun Loving husband is back with me, moaning and groaning his way through the whole thing. It’s pretty funny.  What doesn’t kill you I am a big believer in pushing your limits (loving husband would be…

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Build a Better Butt Workout

I love training the lower body. For one, when we train the legs and hips we also get the core and low back engaged. Second, the largest muscles in the body are in the lower body – so when we train these guys we get the biggest bang for a our calorie-burning fun. And, finally, loving…

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All Levels Tabata

Guess who’s back? Loving husband blessed us with his comedic self for this workout. And boy was he in top form. In addition to his usual complaining about how hard the workout is he also: Made a plea with those watching to NOT subscribe to the YouTube channel, cause if there’s no one watching he…

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