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Tough love workouts for all levels of fitness.

10-Minute Lower Body Workout

So, I filmed this workout… twice. And not because I love being in the Studio, by myself working out while talking to a camera. Nope. Instead, it’s because I am an idiot and forgot to turn the mic on the first time. Menopause has made me stupid. Otherwise normal tasks are now only accomplished if I…

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25-Min Bodyweight Cardio Workout

I hate cardio. However, I need cardio and so do you. Cardio training not only burns calories it also trains our most important muscle in the body — our heart. How hard should you be training? In order to get the maximum amount of benefits from any type of fitness training you need to hit…

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TRX Circuit Workout

If you know me then you know that I am in love with… my husband, my dog and my TRX. In that order too. Or at least until I can teach the TRX how to vacuum 🙂  Hehe, just joking. However, that would be super cool if my TRX could vacuum. Just saying if the makers of TRX…

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BOSU Legs and Abs Tabata

Today’s workout is a sweaty, barrel of fun! My BOSU Ball Tabata Workout uses short intervals (20 seconds), to hit the lower body, your abs and your heart and lungs. This BOSU Tabata will torch some calories too. It’s super-duper awesome. You will love it. BOSU Ball Legs & Abs Tabata Click here if the…

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10-Minute Upper Body Burn

If you don’t think you can get a great workout in 10-minutes allow me to show you that you can. In this short, but super effective, upper body workout we start with push-ups as a warm-up and then quickly progress from there. We hit everything in the upper body – with a little bit more…

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