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Tough love workouts for all levels of fitness.

Strength and Cardio

This duo workout is the BOMB! We start out with a full body strength workout, follow that with a ladder drill (performing one of THE best exercises you can do for your glutes), and finish off with a cardio workout that will also kick the sh*t out of your core. Pretty awesome – right?! Strength…

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15-Minute Booty Lift Workout

OMG, this workout was kind of a disaster. From a sore mouth (from dental surgery the week before), to feeling like I’m talking like I have a mouthful of marbles in my mouth throughout the whole workout, to the mic falling off the camera during filming, to my hard drive getting what Apple said is…

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Upper Body + Abs Ladder Workout

Okay, I am gonna be honest with ya. My abs were sore for days after this workout. It was awesome! I love it when my abs are sore, don’t you? (Hate it when my tush and calves are sore though.) Now, the one thing I know that made those abs of mine work double time was…

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40-Minute Lower Body Workout

While editing this workout I realized that in parts of it I sound like an ass. Sorry about that. Comments like “I love my lower body workouts” sounded effing self-righteous and self-promoting. I make fun of other people who talk like that, so I thought this was only fitting I make fun of myself. And…

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25-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout

So I’m trying to teach Bella to stay in a carrier while I ride my bike. The idea being so I can bike to work with her. Now, if you’re thinking “she’s a dog PJ, why can’t she run beside you?”. Well, to that I say this: And this… And this… And this… And this……

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