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Exercises and workouts to hit the core.

Upper Body & Ab Workout for Women

This Upper Body and Ab Workout for Women will tone ya, strengthen ya and make ya all happy and sweaty. Trainer’s promise. 1) Offset hands push up 2) 2 arm row 3) Bicycles 4) Chest fly + crunch 5) Kneeling reverse flys 6) Spiderman mountain clmber 7) Tricep presses 8) Pullover with leg drop 9)…

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24-Minute Ab HIIT Workout

This is the perfect workout to do if you want a quick, effective, core-concentrated workout. It is also the perfect workout to do if you find you suffer from EADD (exercise attention deficit disorder), in other words you get bored easily and have a hard time focussing on workouts that last too long, or have…

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Butt & Ab Workout on the Ball

I’ve been working with the ball since I started in this crazy business – 20 years ago. I have seen, and done, a lot of exercises on the ball and for today’s Tough Love Tuesday Workout I have put together some of my favourite ball exercises for a Butt and Ab Workout. About the Ball If you are…

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10-Minute [Killer] Ab Workout

Training your abs. You either love doing it, or you hate doing it. There’s usually no grey area I’ve found when it comes to working your abdominals. But, regardless you know you gotta train them and you know you should train them. Now, the great news is if you do moves like squats, lunges, deadlifts,…

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