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Workouts that target the the upper body muscles.

Arms, Abs and Shoulder Workout

This is the prefect workout to do if: You want to hit all the smaller muscles of your upper body You want to improve your push up You love to train abs, no matter what You desire some sexy muscle tone to your arms and shoulders You want to give your legs a break My…

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Upper Body & Ab Workout for Women

This Upper Body and Ab Workout for Women will tone ya, strengthen ya and make ya all happy and sweaty. Trainer’s promise. 1) Offset hands push up 2) 2 arm row 3) Bicycles 4) Chest fly + crunch 5) Kneeling reverse flys 6) Spiderman mountain clmber 7) Tricep presses 8) Pullover with leg drop 9)…

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Shoulder Pain? Do These.

I’ve trained thousands of people in my many years of personal training, and of those thousands I would have to say at least half of them have come to me with a shoulder problem. Shoulders, in my opinion, are very poorly designed joints.  I mean, we would never build our homes like are shoulders are…

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