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Workouts that target the the upper body muscles.

Upper Body & Abs Workout for Women (Part 2)

When I set out to film workout videos I look at three things: has anyone requested certain workouts, what workouts are lacking on the channel and what are my most popular and viewed workouts. Hence today’s workout Upper Body and Abs Workout for Women – Part 2 (but, really guys can do this too). Part…

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Chest, Tri & Ab Workout

For women (kinda) Poor loving husband. He got dragged into another workout with me, and this time one that I am featuring as a “for women workout”. However, to be honest any gender can do this. It’s just that 90% of my audience are women, so I tend to cater to the masses. This upper body…

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Back, Biceps and Abs Workout

This circuit workout, Back, Biceps and Abs, is a take-off from one of my Bikini Competition workouts. You see I hate doing traditional strength workouts (such as doing 3-4 sets of the same move right after one another, with a rest in between the sets). I find it mentally draining. I like to keep moving…

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Tank Top Arms Workout

You can use this workout to get ready for a tank top, or ready for a LBD. It’s a 365 workout, that will soon become a staple to your weekly workouts. Tank Top Arms Workout Click here if the video does not appear for you.   WAIT, BEFORE YOU GO Want a full month’s workout…

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Arms and Ab Workout for Women

This is another old workout video that I had to upload onto the site. It’s a Go Fit Gals’ workout, and it was one of Risse and I faves. So I post this for Risse, my sister from another mister. (PS, click here to find Risse) Tools you need: Stability ball Dumbbells (3lb – 15…

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