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Total body workouts that you can do in your living room.

50-Minute Total Body Sculpt

If workouts were kids, this one would be the good child. The one that does it’s homework, goes to bed and cleans up its room without any nagging. In other words: it’s a functionally sound, total-body, great for all levels strength workout. It’s the perfect go-to workout when you want to train, but you don’t feel like…

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Total Body Kettlebell Workout

A total body, kill your core, kind of workout. And… if you don’t own a kettle bell, no worries! Simply use 1 heavier dumbbell (like a 12lb or 15lb) and Bob’s your uncle (actually he, really). Total Body Kettlebell Workout Click here if the video does not appear for you.   WAIT, BEFORE YOU GO…

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30-Minute One Dumbbell Workout

If I had a loonie (or a dollar for all my American friends) for every time I had someone tell me that they just don’t have time to workout I would be semi-retired and loving husband would own that fancy motorcycle he wants. Now, I am not judging people when they tell me this – even though…

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30-Minute Home Cardio Workout

It’s just a few more days before Santa comes and you know what will guarantee a visit from the big guy? This workout! Yup, honest truth. You do this workout and you will hit his “Nice” list ASAP. Trainer’s promise. Need some other ideas to keep you active this holiday season? How about my: Banish the Fat…

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30 Minute Total Body Strength

Join me in this weight loss, workout for women extravaganza. In this workout we work on building your lean muscle mass with dumbbell exercises – and all in under 30 minutes! 1) Chest press with bridge 2) Single leg glute presses (bridges) 3) Lunge & row 3 x 45 sec work/10 sec rest 4) Tricep…

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