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Total body workouts that you can do in your living room.

40-Minute Full Body Circuit

We are everywhere in this workout. And by everywhere I mean we are standing, we are on the ground, our intervals are super short, and sometimes longer. We do some cardio, some weights and some stretch. We use our bodyweight and weights. Like I said, we are everywhere. It’s awesome, you’re gonna love it! Full…

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TRX Circuit Workout

If you know me then you know that I am in love with… my husband, my dog and my TRX. In that order too. Or at least until I can teach the TRX how to vacuum 🙂  Hehe, just joking. However, that would be super cool if my TRX could vacuum. Just saying if the makers of TRX…

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Total Body Calorie Torching Workout

This workout I’m solo. No loving husband. No funny banter back and forth. Being solo was my choice, too. And a purely selfish choice at that. You see I did not want to listen to 40-minutes of moaning and groaning. I love the man, but for for the love of Pete can he complain. He also WAS…

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All Levels Strength HIIT

While writing this blog I had my two trusty companions right beside me. Bella and my afternoon kombucha. Poor Bella hasn’t been feeling good this week though. She’s hasn’t been able to keep her food down. Which is not like her. She has thrown up pretty much everywhere. Living room, dining room, bedroom and my…

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15-Minute Strength Workout

Well, it’s been a long time. It’s been a long time since I blogged. A long time since I filmed a workout and a long time since I shaved my legs (TMI?). However, I have a good reason. I opened a new boutique fitness studio in Ladner. In addition, I also re-vamped, re-branded and renewed my…

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