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Stretches and yoga to help you with flexibility and mobility.

Stretches for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you struggle with falling asleep this is the perfect routine for you. These stretches aim to give you a better night’s sleep. For 15-minutes I lead you through a series of gentle stretches aimed at releasing all the muscles that get tight on us during day. You will feel a lightness and a relief throughout…

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15-Minute Total Body Stretch

When I was younger I used to scoff at the whole stretch/yoga thing. While I did the typical after workout stretches with my clients and classes I was never really committed to maintaining any type of flexibility program personally. I thought I would be young, agile and free from tight muscles and tendons forever. Ha! Then…

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15-Minute Morning Stretch

This 15-minute stretch workout is perfect to do first thing in the morning to get the body moving and ready for the day. And it is also a great way to finish a workout, or to do just because. This routine will increase your flexibility and improve your day. Pretty awesome, eh? And… this workout…

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15 Minutes to a Stronger Low Back

15 Minutes to a Stronger Lower Back is a workout that I created for people who sit a lot during their day and could use a little strengthening and lengthening of the spine. Strengthen your low back with this little workout. Enjoy! 1. Cat & cow 2. Lunge with twist 3. Deep squat, shoulder ROM…

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20-Minute Hamstring and Hip Opener Workout

20 minutes and a mat – that’s all you need to stretch your hamstrings and open your hips. Click play below to begin a 20 minute hamstring stretch and hip opener workout. Why is stretching the hamstrings and hips so important? Shortened hamstrings pull on your pelvis, affecting how you walk Tight hamstrings are one of the leading…

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