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Workouts for your lower body.

The Best Lower Body and Ab Workout

So, you want to train your legs and abs? Awesome – this is the workout that will do it. It’s another ladder workout and designed to push thru any fitness plateaus you might be sitting at. Cause plateaus are fine when out hiking, but not so fine when training to be fit and awesome. The…

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No Squat No Lunge Leg Workout

This week’s workout is the perfect workout to do if you have knees that just don’t want to squat or lunge because of an injury, arthritis, or if they are just plain ol’ tired. My No Squat No Lunge Leg Workout will target all the muscles of the lower body, in particular the hips, hamstrings and glutes. Three important…

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Butt & Ab Workout on the Ball

I’ve been working with the ball since I started in this crazy business – 20 years ago. I have seen, and done, a lot of exercises on the ball and for today’s Tough Love Tuesday Workout I have put together some of my favourite ball exercises for a Butt and Ab Workout. About the Ball If you are…

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