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Workouts for your lower body.


All Levels Strength & Abs Workout

This workout is perfect for all levels of fitness and only requires one pair of moderate sized weights – and pretty much everyone has a pair of dumbbells lying around. In my All-Levels Strength & Abs Workout I have set it up so if you don’t have time for my special ab drill you can cut the workout…

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10-Minute Lower Body Workout

So, I filmed this workout… twice. And not because I love being in the Studio, by myself working out while talking to a camera. Nope. Instead, it’s because I am an idiot and forgot to turn the mic on the first time. Menopause has made me stupid. Otherwise normal tasks are now only accomplished if I…

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Build a Better Butt Workout

I love training the lower body. For one, when we train the legs and hips we also get the core and low back engaged. Second, the largest muscles in the body are in the lower body – so when we train these guys we get the biggest bang for a our calorie-burning fun. And, finally, loving…

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Butt lift workout

25-Minute Butt Lift Workout

A short, yet sweet, glute, hips and thighs workout.  Your butt. It’s an area us trainer’s like to see you work because a strong posterior equals a powerful core, a stable low back and knees that should be tracking where they should be (as opposed to that knock-kneed squat pattern that makes me cringe when…

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Sore Knees Workout

Sore Knees Total Body Workout

A workout hitting all the muscles in the body, without any squats, lunges or jumping.   I am getting old. That is what I told myself after filming season 7 of “Fitness with PJ” for Delta Cable. For those of you who don’t live locally, or have Eastlink cable in Canada, I have a 30-minute fitness…

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