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Tough love motivation from your tough love trainer.

The Beginner’s Guide to Strength Training

There are many different goals that people tell me they want their fitness programs to achieve. However, the one goal that is most often cited is increased muscle tone and strength. And, as a strength training coach and trainer I love to hear that, especially from my over-40 crowd. After the age of 40 our strength…

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Gym Etiquette – Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins

Lifting properly is only one area in the gym that you should be working on. What every woman (and man!) needs to know about proper gym etiquette. The other day, when I was at the bank the nice young fellow behind the desk (jeez that line made me sound old, when the hell did I…

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12 Tips To Make Exercise a Habit

Habit. It is defined as “a regular tendency or practice, one that is hard to give up”. Things like caffeine, to brushing your teeth, to sitting on the couch and binge watching “House of Cards” are all common habits that some people have (and by “some people” I really mean me). Exercise, however, is not…

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