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Tips and tools to help make your mid-life your best life.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

and why you need them… I remember the first time I read about branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). At first I ignored them because I didn’t really do a lot of supplementation with my diet (other than a few vitamins every morning). However, as I started getting older and researching deeper into finding ways to…

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Top 4 Trainer Tips to Getting Toned and Fit Over 40

I saw a quote on the Internet the other day that made me giggle. It was a picture of a guy standing around a group of overweight seniors with the caption reading, “If you want to look young and thin, hang out around old fat people.”. Now, that’s one way to do it, isn’t? But…

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What is a Hot Flash?

I have been cold for most of my life (and I’m talking physically, not metaphorically). I am always the one with a sweater on, even in the dead of summer. I am the last one to turn on a fan when working out, and I once wore a scarf – in Mexico. I am probably…

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Testing Positive for Menopause

I just recently came face-to-face with getting older and I didn’t like it one bit. With every passing birthday I was aware that I was getting older; I just never felt or thought that I was. I mean, getting old was what happened to other people, like my husband and my sisters for example. Of…

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Mastering Menopause

We cannot pretend menopause is not going to happen. We cannot wish it away, or hope that it won’t happen to us. We also cannot think that it won’t affect us. It will, and it will affect those around us too. So, instead of putting out the fires and the hot flashes as they happen, let’s start…

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