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You are what you eat, so don’t be cheap, easy or fast.

How To be 99.9% Vegan

A Trainer’s Menu – Week 9 I am in the last week of my two-week vegan diet (I’m experimenting to see if my skin and energy levels improve, read more here), and guess what? I cheated. To be completely honest with you I barely lasted 48 hours as a vegan. Cream in my coffee broke me,…

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A Trainer’s Weekly Menu – Week 8

Well, it has arrived. The start of my two-week vegan food diet. I am starting a vegan food diet today to see if my skin and energy levels improve. Loving husband has called today ARMAGEDDON, and he personally asked me to bold the word and capitalize it (he will not be participating). This Is Not a Cleanse or a Detox My two-week vegan food…

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A Trainer’s Weekly Menu – Week 7

The other night picky-loving husband and I were reading a blog about what to do as a couple in Vancouver. You see in the colder and wetter months we tend to go into hibernation and I suggested we get out and do something. So, we did what any intelligent individual would do. We Googled it. And here’s…

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Never Eat This For Breakfast

And 50 Things You Should Eat Instead While on this journey to better health and fitness (because this is a journey and not a destination), there are some things that can help with your journey and some that will just side-track it to hell. Today I am going reveal one of the biggest impersonators in the weight loss and healthy food world. This one…

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A Trainer’s Weekly Menu – Week 6

Not sure what to cook this week? Check out what I prepping and making for myself and picky loving husband for some inspiration and ideas. Notes about last week’s meals The protein pancakes were awesome. I also bought some raspberries and sprinkled them on top. It was so convenient to have these already made and in…

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