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How to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep provides amazing benefits to the body. It lowers stress Improves our mood Helps maintain and promote a healthy body weight Improves our athletic performance and coordination Increases our ability to pay attention and remember new information But, not a lot of us are getting enough sleep. In 2011 researchers from the Université Laval released…

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Stop Stress From Robbing You of a Healthy Life

I had the chance to interview an amazing woman, Vicki Higgins business transformational coach about stress and how we can decrease our stress and start living a healthy and successful life – without killing ourselves. She covered a ton of awesome and informative information, and any woman who is in business needs to listen to listen. It was a fantastic Blab,…

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Meditation for Beginners

Meditation, it’s the new kale. It’s something everyone is telling us to do for better health and piece of mind. But, where do we start? How do we begin, when most of us already stretched for time throughout the day ? And, what if we have one of those busy monkey brains and feel we just can’t meditate? On today’s Blab Eileen Cruz…

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Over 40 Dealing with Stress, Sleep, Sex and Success

Life over 40 can be a challenge. Issues with our sleep begin to happen, stress from family, career and finances are on our mind, our libido goes into hibernation, and we start reflecting on our past and wondering “why I am not where I wanted to be at this point in my life?”. Over 40: Stress, Sleep, Sex and…

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Blab: How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Welcome to Over 40 Fitness: Motivation Monday. The place to be to learn how to make your mid-life your best life. I am PJ Wren from Fitness with PJ and every Monday at 1am PST I will be presenting a fun, interactive (cause that’s what is SO amazing about Blab) show, as well as interviewing…

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