15-Minute Booty Lift Workout

OMG, this workout was kind of a disaster.

From a sore mouth (from dental surgery the week before), to feeling like I’m talking like I have a mouthful of marbles in my mouth throughout the whole workout, to the mic falling off the camera during filming, to my hard drive getting what Apple said is similar to us humans getting a “cold”after I uploaded the video.

(And this “cold” my computer caught meant that I needed to give it some oil-of-oregano-and-echinacea love in the form of resetting my hard drive to factory settings and then migrating my data, piece-by-piece [cue Kelly Clarkson] back onto it.)


Getting this workout to you was harder than filming the damn thing.

However, sadly, all that BS was as good for my posterior as the actual workout was.


Why can’t running from problem to problem be as good as an actual workout?!?

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15-Minute Booty Lift Workout

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