BOSU Ball Tabata + Abs

BOSU Ball Tabata madness with this workout! Well, it’s not “madness”, really. It’s actually pretty fun – which is always the preferable way to sweat. Yes? Yes! And then… as if this workout could not get ANY funner, I threw in an ab workout using the BOSU at the end. I know – amazing 🙂…

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30-Min One Dumbbell Workout

This 1 dumbbell workout is perfect for the gym and home. It’s rated A for all levels, and it hits ALL the muscles – with a little extra loving for the abs at the end. It’s got something for everyone, I promise, and all you need is one moderate weight dumbbell. And hey, if you’re…

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Low Impact Cardio Workout

This 30-minute low impact cardio workout is perfect if you have sensitive knees, or your bladder can’t handle the jumping, or you are simply tired of your boobs bouncing around when you do. I pee when I jump Leaking when you exercise is actually very common, and can happen to everyone from casual weekend warriors…

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15-Min Lower Body Foam Roller Workout

This 15-minute foam roller workout is the perfect video to join in on if you have tight thighs, calves or hips. It is also a go-to if you wear high heels, are a runner, or do a lot of jumping movements (like plyometrics) in your regular workout routine. And…. I also recommend it for people…

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Circuit-Workout-Booty-Ab Drills-Blog-Header

Circuit Workout + Booty & Ab Drills

This workout is long, but it can be broken down into three different workouts if you can’t do the whole thing with me. You can join me for the Circuit Workout at the beginning, or for the Booty Workout after that, or perform the ab routine I have at the end. Do the entire workout,…

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