30-Minute One Dumbbell Workout

If I had a loonie (or a dollar for all my American friends) for every time I had someone tell me that they just don’t have time to workout I would be semi-retired and loving husband would own that fancy motorcycle he wants.

Now, I am not judging people when they tell me this – even though people quite often think that I am (case in point the full confessionals I get whenever I see someone in the grocery store and their cart is not filled to the brim with kale and apples).

But, I get it cause I, too, am VERY busy.

My career keeps me working seven days a week, I am taking a course which has me up 90 minutes earlier everyday (just because I have no other time to fit it in), and I like to hang out with loving husband and Bella as much as I can.

My life is hyper-busy. However, I can get everything done because I do workout.

Exercising gives me energy, and it can give you some too.

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30-Minute Workout

Because of this lack of time we all seem to be experiencing is precisely why I do a lot of 20 and 30 minute workouts.

We can all find an extra 30 minutes in our life.

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