25-Minute Total Body Pump Workout

25-Minute Total Body Pump

A total body workout – shaken not stirred. 

Wow, it’s been a ling time since I blogged. How long you wonder? Well, the last blog I dropped was back in May.

That’s a 3-month break in real time and like a 2-year break in terms of the internet.

My break was much needed, though. While I love what I do I hit a wall and needed some time to recoup, regroup and rejuvenate (sh!t, I should write copy for spas).

It’s good to be back though.

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25-Minute Total Body Pump

Tools needed:

A pair of light, moderate and heavy dumbbells

Workout best for:

Home or gym

Workout rated for:

Beginner – advanced


The Workout

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25-Minute Total Body Pump

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25 Minute Total Body Pump Workout




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