20-Minute Hamstring and Hip Opener Workout

20 minutes and a mat – that’s all you need to stretch your hamstrings and open your hips. Click play below to begin a 20 minute hamstring stretch and hip opener workout.

Why is stretching the hamstrings and hips so important?

  • Shortened hamstrings pull on your pelvis, affecting how you walk
  • Tight hamstrings are one of the leading causes of low back pain
  • The muscles related around your hips are responsible for every movement from walking to running
  • Tight hips can cause everything from low back pain and knee pain
  • Both groupings of muscles tend to be shortened with people who sit a lot during the day,
  • Muscles and connective tissue shorten with every passing year due to a decrease of water in the tissue
If they can do it so can we!

If they can do it so can we!

The Workout

This easy-peasy 20-minute routine will work your hips and hamstrings and have you smiling with relief afterwards.

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