Best Glute Exercises for Women - 20 Min Booty Lift

20-Minute Booty Lift Workout

Best butt exercises for women!

When I was training for my fitness competition I completely transformed my rear end (see below), and I used these glute exercises in today’s 20-Minute Booty Lift to do so.

Not only is a good-looking tush nice to have, strong glutes are also:

  • Important because they are our body’s largest muscle group
  • Used for every move we make with our legs – from extending at the hips, to swinging the leg outward, to rotating the leg laterally, and to tilting the pelvis backward
  • Crucial for any sport and athletic move (like squatting, lunging etc.)
  • Needed for healthy knees. The glutes help to pull your thighbone (femur) rearward during hip extension (think walking and running). This, in turn, keeps the femur tracking properly and knee pain at bay.
  • Vital with banishing low back pain

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Best Butt Exercises for Women

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Best Butt Workout for Women

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Best Butt Exercises for Women

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20-Min Booty Lift Workout- Best Glute exercises for women

My Booty Transformation

20-Min Booty Lift Workout- Best Glute exercises for women



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