15-Minute Morning Stretch

This 15-minute stretch workout is perfect to do first thing in the morning to get the body moving and ready for the day. And it is also a great way to finish a workout, or to do just because.

This routine will increase your flexibility and improve your day. Pretty awesome, eh?

And… this workout is my first workout with a partner. Yes, Fitness with PJ is stepping up its game for 2016 and I now have a partner to show the modified versions of my exercises.

You can choose to follow me and the more intense stretches, or follow loving husband for the modified.

15-Minute Morning Stretch Routine - Fitness with PJ blog graphic

15-Minute Morning Stretch and Pizza

After much coercing and bribing with promises of pizza, Coke and M&Ms loving husband has agreed to help me on my YouTube workouts. Yippee!

For our first workout together I decided to break him in gently with this stretch workout. I felt it was best to lull him into a false sense of security to begin with.

Next week the sweat will begin. But, shhhh…let’s keep that our little secret for the time being.


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